Club Charities for 2017

Great Western Air Ambulance

They provide lifesaving emergency care to people who cannot be reached by road, or are in a state so critical that they require the specialist skills of our team at the scene of an accident.

New Start Cat Rescue

This is a small charity with little means. It is not high profile and is a little out of the way. They could do with some help.

Battledown Friends Group (BFG)

BFG supports and fundraises for Battledown Children's Centre. They are currently funraising so that children can attend 'Greenwoods Therapeutic Horticulture Garden' which uses horticulture/gardening as a therapy for children living with a disability.

Heidi's Heroes

Heidi's Heroes was set up Paul Wood as a tribute to his wife Heidi, a former wold championship swimmer who died of cancer in October 2012. The charity has thre great initiatives - support for those with cancer and their families, care for those coping with bereavement and courage for children learning to swim.

Danny Reeves Wheelchair

Daniel was a fit and active person until he contracted encephalitis in 2009. He is now reliant on a wheelchair. Things have improved in the last 18 months, thanks in part to ParkRun. He takes part in his NHS wheelchair but it cannot stand up to the rigours of ParkRun or to track training. (Danny also attends Thursday night track sessions.) A running-specific wheelchair is beyond his means. He plans to set up a 'Go fund me' project and is also looking for charitable donations.