Cotswold Way Relay 2017 – Saturday June 24th


Cotswold Way Relay 2017 Teams


Click here for Cotswold Way Relay Team Draft 13th April 2017

Please click the link above to see attached the first draft of the CWR Teams 2017. As per 2016 we are restricted currently (& I suspect it won’t change) to 5 teams. We have a ladies team, a male vets and 3 mixed teams.

Disastrously I have mislaid a sheet of paper that had some peoples leg preferences on and I have no access to your entry emails just now so hope I have got most people what they wanted. I think I have.

We had 66 entries originally for 50 places so I’m afraid some people had to drop into the reserve listings, for now. But don’t despair just yet; having done this for a few years, reserves do very often get used up in the end. In 2016 I was only left with two who didn’t get a place from a similar initial number. I have had one drop out this morning already.

If you are happy with your place, can you please pay the £13.50 entry fee by April 30th at the latest. This date is really important. We need to pay the race organisers shortly for our teams and will be drawing on the club funds so it is vital we have the money in the account. Most people chose to pay by bacs; please send this to Almost Athletes using your surname as a reference and the letters CWR to the usual account.

Account Number: 10227084
Sort Code: 16 - 16 - 13.

If not bacs then direct to Wendy Haskins, June Franks or myself by cash or cheque, by April 30th.

As per my initial briefing, any withdrawals after April 30th will not be refunded. Wendy is kindly helping with the payments side of things. It worked very well in 2016 and we had the money in from everyone on time so thank you for that and indeed in advance for this year.

Reserves obviously don’t need to pay anything, yet.

Please make sure you have paid your club subs too. To enter the CWR you must be fully paid up & registered as an Almost Athlete. That’s two payments you need. A real gem of a paragraph for grammar fans, ….and Virgos.

If you can no longer run or you’re not comfortable with the leg I have given you, please contact me and I will see what I can do, but no promises. It is a bit of a jigsaw to allow for preferences, leg captains in the right places and the girls/boys balance we need in the mixed teams.

Best to contact me via email at Davidchittock66@gmail.com Please don’t use my “outlook.com” email address if that’s what you have stored for me, its having a bit of a wobble, but then aren’t we all.

More detail on the legs is at Cotswoldwayrelay.co.uk.
Although they often don’t seem to remove the previous years stuff very quickly, including the teams, so don’t get confused

Thank you all as ever for your support for this event. If you have any questions or clarifications needed, please do not hesitate to ask.