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17th January 2019 : Thursday morning running group

9:30am at The Norwood

Meet at The Norwood at 9:30am, for a very sociable 5 mile run. Followed by optional 2 for 1 coffee at the Exmouth. Nobody gets left behind, plenty of free street parking, and what a way to spend a pleasant morning having a nice run, with a lovely group of Almosts.


This is a new club running session during the daytime. This will take place every Thursday morning at 9:30am, covering about 5 miles and working in the same style as the  Wednesday night 'fartlek group.' This means we set off together, with a tail runner, and people run at a pace to suit themselves. There are designated 'regroup' points (roughly every mile) where the faster runners loop back to join up with the tail runner and the group as a whole then runs to the regroup point . In this way the group does not get too spread out.

As the year goes on the starting venues may change to give runners a variety of routes, and possibly go off-road in the summer if that is what people want. By starting at the Norwood, there will be plenty of choice in Bath Road if people want to have a coffee and chat afterwards.

The route for the first few runs is shown below.

Claires map route