Venues & Groups

We meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and details of the various venues can be found within the 'where we meet' section. Our Friday and Saturday venues remain the same throughout the year but the Wednesday venue changes every 6 weeks or so to allow us to provide different routes both on and off road.

Our Tuesday and Thursday night meet is a rep session led by Graham Fletcher. Currently at Battledown Approach on Tuesday (6:50pm) and Honeybourne Line (6:50pm) or Prince of Wales Track (7pm) on Thursday, but check website or contact Graham. Email Graham for more details.

We provide several groups of differing speeds and distances on a Wednesday night, varying from 11 minute miling (4 miles in distance) to 7 minute miling (5-7 miles in distance). We also offer a 3 mile walking group for injured runners or friends and family of runners (email Catherine Owers in advance).

Friday night is an informal gathering at the Norwood Arms with no official leader. It is an end of the week, relaxed, social run and numbers vary from week to week. Feel free to turn up at 7pm and see who else comes along!

On Saturday mornings we have a small group on Cleeve Hill, starting from Cleeve Hill Golf Club car park at 9am. The off road route varies in length from 7 or 8 miles to an extended 11 or 12 if required.

We are always looking for volunteers to help marshal or sweep our groups - if you have been running with us for a while and are willing to assist please send an e-mail to almostathletes@hotmail.com, or speak to Graham Fletcher or Karen Galpin on a Wednesday night.