Thursday morning run

13th June:

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE TO USUAL FORMAT: Fi Barnes is beginning her trail-running coaching sessions this morning, and a good number of Thursday morning regulars have said they'd like to take part. Fi will be at the Norwood at 9:30 (so usual time and place) and the offroaders will then car share up to Leckhampton Hill. (I believe the actual starting point will be the carpark on Hartley Lane, on the left beyond the grass-roofed modern house on the top of the hill.) For those preferring a road run, I'm afraid I won't be there this week but I'm sure you will be able to sort out a suitable route from the many we've done in the past.
Fi is away next week so the routine reverts to normal, i.e. a 5 mile run round the little alleys and green spaces of Cheltenham ????

Meet at the Norwood at 9:30am, finishing five miles later at the Exmouth for 2 for 1 hot drinks and a good chat.

The usual starting point is The Norwood at the junction of Shurdington Rd and Bath Rd, setting off at 9:30am. The route varies but is always five miles. In the summer it may take in some off-road paths. The run operates on a similar basis to the Wednesday evening fartlek group, ie, we generally run together at a conversational pace but any faster runners are asked to loop back at specified re-group points to meet the back markers, so all the group stays in touch with each other. From time to time we may start and finish somewhere else but that will always be notified here and on our Facebook page.

After the run we normally pop into the Exmouth pub where we enjoy 2 for 1 deals on hot drinks and a good chat! There is often a walking group for members coming back from injury - check on FB. Dogs are welcome both on the run and in the pub.


 *Thursday morning run*

+ Where? Norwood Arms, Bath Road, Cheltenham
+ What time? 9:30am meet
+ Distance covered? 8km
+ What goes on? A run at your own pace with plenty of loop-backs to ensure the group sticks together. Followed by coffee and cake!