Almost Athletes adopt the #BeMoreDoug motto

16 Aug, 2017

Athletes dedicated their running this week to Doug Waymark with #BeMoreDoug t-shirts, logo’s and banners celebrating Doug’s life who sadly passed away in the past week swimming the English Channel.

Almost Athletes hosted the annual Bugatti 10k at the Prescott Hill Club HQ, a scenic, undulating course, with over 248 runners from all over the country attending. Douglas Wight was the first Almost Athlete to finish the race at 36:23, with Josh Hand closely behind at 37:46 and Simon Jarvis third at 37:48, Eleanor Laney the first Female Almost Athlete 41:54, Patricia Peever second 43:10, and Michelle Balchin third 47:05.

At Cranham Cricket Club, Douglas Wight was the overall winner, with Prashanth Kumar and Simon Jarvis forming the winning men’s team.

On Sunday there was a sea of Purple at the Standish Woodland Chase, with over 26 Almost Athletes attending the event. Amber Bullingham was the first lady winning the race at 1:12:57, with Patricia Peever 4th Lady and Ingrid Harris first in her age category – with all three ladies forming the winning women’s team.

In Cirencester the Cotswold 113 half tri took place attended by: Robert Hume, Wendy Haskins, Dave McGrath, Rich Walklate, Simon Butland, Marcus & Helen Puerta Terron, Dave Midwinter, Kate Houston, Karen Taylor, Andy Ford and Bill Jones.

Paul Haig was completing his 43rd Marathon out of his planned 50 at the Thames Meander Marathon, a scenic riverside trail marathon along the Thames Path, achieving a personal best of 3:54 with Joanna Barreto who achieved a time of 4:25. Kathy Haig attended the Thames Meander half marathon.

In Salisbury, Anne-Marie and Mark Willicott and Karen Galpin attended the 54321 Ultra Marathon, a 50km event with Karen winning her age category at 5:00, Mark 5:17 and Anne-Marie third in age category at 5:48.  Paul Haig also attended the Marathon event, achieving 4:55. 

parkrun tourists saw Claire Gallighar, Simon Jarvis and James Clay visiting Swindon parkrun. Claire Hawes at Exeter Riverside parkrun, Matthew Bevan at Penrose parkrun Cornwall and Robert Foord achieving a personal best of 20:40 at the Grangemoor parkrun, Caerdydd.

At Port Eynon, Hazel Everett attended the Olympic distance Triathlon covering a 1500m swim, 37k bike ride and 10k run.