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Mark Willicott conquers 100 mile trail

15 Oct, 2018

Despite the dreadful weather conditions over much of the weekend, members of Almost Athletes took part in races throughout the UK with some impressive results all round.

Mark Willicott deserves a special mention for completing the gruelling Centurion Running Autumn 100 on Saturday 13th in 22h:42m.  This continuous, 100 mile trail race consists of four loops to and from Goring and Streatley, and uses sections of both the Ridgeway and Thames Path National Trails.

The Old Down Country Park cross country race in Stroud also took place on Saturday, and was supported by a number of Almosts.  In the men’s race Nick Lewis was first Almost to finish in 43:37, followed by Prash Sripathi in 43:50 and Martin Foster in 45:02. Dave McGrath followed in 46:25, Thom Stephens in 48:28, Martin Thomas in 50:01 and David Garnett in 54:35. For the ladies event, Patricia Peever was first Almost to complete in 31:48, followed by Joanna Wisniewska-Barreto in 35:00 and Ingrid Harris in 35:25.

A group of Almosts participated in the Hope Valley, Woodhope race on Sunday 14th.  Ingrid Harris, Joanna Wisniewska-Barreto and Lucinda Hand all completed the 8.3 mile event within a few seconds of each other with a time of 1:10, and secured 4th, 5th and 6th ladies places.  Hester Coggin finished in 1:15, Lorraine Taylor in 1:17, Alison Hume in 1:27, Deborah Elliott in 1:34 and Catherine Mason in 1:38.

For the men there were four Almosts who finished in the top twenty.  Richard Birch was 6th with a time of 1:00, Prash Sripathi was 8th with 1:02, Nigel Tillott was 14th with 1:04 and Martin Thomas 19th with 1:08.  Also running were Jim Trowbridge in 1:12, Steve Taylor in 1:13, Steve Adams and Andrew Wilkinson both in 1:14, Rob Hume in 1:16, Neil Tring in 1:17 and Kevin Richards in 1:25.

There were several different Half Marathon events on Sunday in which Almost runners took part.

The Eden Project multi-terrain Half in Cornwall was completed by Dave Rogers in 1:47, Catherine Daly in 1:54 and Lepha McCartan in 2:03.

Wan Hartley finished the Manchester Half in 2:21. Peter Hooper was the 2hr pacer in the Great West Exeter Half, Kev Dendy completed the Birmingham Half in 1:59 and Felicity Broom achieved a new PB in the Royal Parks Half in central London with a time of 2:16.

Shaun Carr tackled the Bedford Duathlon which consisted of a 10km run, followed by a 40km bike ride and then a further 5km run, and came home in 2:17.

Further afield, Allan Green was first in his age group in the Palma Marathon with a time of 4:07, while Simon Evans finished the Half in 2:01. Steve Yarnold also took part in the Half Marathon whilst Helen Yarnold ran the 10km race.

Coralie Pearson completed the Bucharest Marathon and Karla Cleverley ran the Half, whilst Steve and Holly Linton took part in the Ibiza European Duathlon.

There were also some terrific results at Cheltenham parkrun on Saturday 13th where two Almosts – Matt Polson and Prash Sripathi – both finished in the top ten. Polson was third overall with a time of 18:56secs and Sripathi came 10th in 20:12.

Richard Knightley gained a new PB with a time of 23:21, whilst both Liam Taylor and Connor Bryant ran the Cheltenham course for the first time in 28:33 and 28:42 respectively.

Jenny Randall was a parkrun tourist in Warrington and finished in 23:05.