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Click for AA 2017 finalised list

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Thursday 11th January - Prince of Wales Track

Thursday ­ POW Track session - ­Meet at 7:00pm for a 7:15pm start

Continuing with the longer run sessions for 2018

6 x 800’s at 10 k pace


And as always its all about  GOOD PROGRESSION


I just wanted to share something about Track Etiquette that makes really good sense, and something we all should be aware of, thanks GH.
1. "TRACK" is a warning call, imagine it like beeping your car horn, alerting people to your presence if they are loitering in the way. It should NOT be used by quicker runners when overtaking, runners just need to overtake others respectfully. 
2. Groups should, where possible, stay in one lane, no more than two abreast. Work as a team, leave your ego at home. This makes it easier for groups to be overtaken, particularly important on busy nights, but just good practice too. 
3. Stay on the track during a rep, do not undertake. Everyone has paid their ?3 so all runners have a right to be there, runners shouldn't feel they like they need to step on the infield when being overtaken.


Thanks for your support
Graham Fletcher

Please note Graham kindly sends out details of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Training sessions by email. If you are not currently on the list please email him at chairman@almostathletes.co.uk