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Thursday 15th August 2019

Meet at Car Park on Albemarle Gate

(near the tennis courts, Pittville Park), 6:50 for 7:00 start

(Track is not available this week)

More fun (aka serious training on speed and stamina) in the park - meet near the tennis courts off Albemarle Gate, 7pm




*General information regarding Thursday night - Track session*

+ Where? Prince of Wales Stadium, Tommy Taylor Lane Cheltenham
+ What time? 7:15-8:30pm
+ Distance covered? Between 5 and 8 km of paced runs.
+ What goes on? We always start with a warm-up, usually comprising a few laps and then some dynamic work like side steps. The main part of the session can be one or a combination of three different paced runs:

- a timed run - e.g running at your 5km pace for 5 minutes.
- a series of distance runs with a set recovery - e.g running 5 lots of 400m at your 5km pace with a one minute recovery between each.
- a series of distance runs 'off' a certain time - e.g. running 5 lots of 400m at your 5km pace within 3 minutes (this means that if you take 2 mins to run 400m you get 1min recovery before you start the next 400m).

The session then finishes with a cool down.

+ Coach's catchphrase: " progression".